Solid Modelling, Viewing and Animation

MAVIS-FLOW includes a powerful 'easy to operate' solid modeller for generating casting shapes and methods. Solid models contain cube shaped elements which accurately define the geometric shape of the casting, chills and insulators contained within the mould / die. A massive 16 million elements can be used for both 'Rapid' and 'Numerical' solidification analysis.

Intuitive mouse driven menus and logical on-screen graphics are used for the majority of modelling commands enabling the modelling process to be completed quickly and accurately.

Ease of use and attention to detail are major features of the software. For example a cursor navigator constantly informs the operator of the current (x,y,z) coordinates whilst in edit mode and an 'undo' button avoids any problems should a mistake occur.

Multi-impression dies and patterns can be generated easily with the advanced import facility whereby any number of casting geometries can be accurately placed in the mould simultaneously. The import facility can also be used for locating standard feeders, insulators and chills within the mould.



Solid models can be manipulated around any major axis by any angle and can be viewed in 3D, an automatic series of 2D sections or animated. A multi-point viewer enables the casting geometry to be viewed from six different angles simultaneously.