Graphical Post-Processing

MAVIS-FLOW includes a suite of post processors to simplify the analysis procedure. The colour coded contour plots can be displayed in 2D or 3D sections. In the case of FDM simulations the scale includes information on freezing times, casting temperatures, mould temperatures, Niyama coefficients, cooling rates, temperature gradients, dendrite arm spacings or local freezing times

Shrinkage predictions can be viewed in orthogonal 2D views or in 3D with the x-ray post processor. Alternatively shrinkage can be viewed in a series of 2D sections throughout the casting.

Die and mould temperatures can be mapped onto the surface of the cast component in 3D revealing isolated hot spot areas on die surfaces.




The solidification sequence can be analysed for isolation of regions from liquid feed metal in 2D, 3D or in three orthogonal 2D views.

Criteria functions such as Niyama coefficients can be viewed in simulated x-ray format.