The GRAINS educational grain growth and feeding software can be run by downloading the zip file below which contains a free copy of grains and associated help files.

The evolution of grain structures within solidifying systems can sometimes be difficult to visualise. In this package the user, as an aid to understanding, can simulate various aspects of grain structure evolution on screen. The simulations use what is known as a 'Cellular Automaton' technique to simulate grain growth and pseudorandom numbers to provide stochastic behaviour. The use of pseudorandom numbers in computer models is often termed 'Monte Carlo' simulation. These techniques were first applied to solidification simulations by the Materials Engineering Dept at Swansea. A list of references is provided in the help files.

The GRAINS program can run 4 types of grain growth simulation as follows:-

Introductory model, Feed Path Model, Large Ingot Model and Fluidity Test model.